Welcome to the Village of Drummond


The Village of Drummond is a special taxing area chartered by the State of Maryland.  Under its Charter, the Village is governed by a three-person Citizens’ Committee, whose members are elected every spring for a one-year term.  The actual functioning of the Village government, however, owes much to traditions and customs that have evolved over the past century.  By custom, each member of the Committee currently is re-elected twice, for a total of three terms, and is designated as Mayor, Secretary or Treasurer.  The current practice is that members of the Committee serve for two years as either Secretary or Treasurer and then, for the third year, the individual becomes Mayor.  Also as a matter of customary practice not reflected in the Charter, the Village holds meetings in the fall and spring, ordinarily in the Somerset Town Hall, at which the Citizens Committee reports on current developments in the governance of the Village and seeks input from residents to help guide its decisions.

Elections for members of the Citizens Committee are held on the first Monday in May, traditionally in the home of the outgoing Mayor.  Anyone who has been a resident of the Village of Drummond for at least six months and is over the age of 21 is eligible to vote.   Any resident can propose himself/herself for an open position, but the prevailing practice over at least the last 40 plus years has been for the Citizens Committee to seek a willing candidate for the seat on the Committee that is being vacated and for all three candidates to run unopposed.

The current members of the Citizens Committee, as of May, 2022, are:

Mayor: Bryan Cahill

Secretary: Jonathan Wiesenfelder

Treasurer: Ye Zhang