Welcome to the Village of Drummond

News & Events

Street Work:

The long-awaited WSSC sewer replacement project has finally been completed.  Because concrete work cannot be done during the winter months, WSSC temporarily filled the excavation running down the center of Drummond Avenue with blacktop.   WSSC is contractually obligated to restore the portions of the street that it disturbed.  Rather than allow WSSC’s contractor to add to the patchwork appearance of Drummond Avenue by restoring only the excavated areas, the Citizens Committee decided that the time has come to entirely replace the Village’s portions of Drummond Avenue and Warwick Place.  According the Committee has negotiated a cash settlement with WSSC in lieu of having the work done by WSSC.  WSSC’s payment will defray a significant portion of the overall expense of replacing the street, but the impact on the Village’s reserves will still be very large.

WSSC did perform repair work on portions of the curbs and driveway aprons that were damaged during the sewer project.  In addition, WSSC hired Wray Brothers Landscaping to replace with sod the damaged portions of the Village-owned green space between the street and the sidewalk.  That work was completed in the Fall.  The Citizens Committee currently (February 2017) is reviewing bids for the removal of the concrete roadway and its replacement with an entirely new concrete road.  It is anticipated that a contract will be signed in the near future and that the work will begin in the spring.  That work is being preceded by Montgomery County’s replacement of a damaged storm drain pipe running across Drummond Avenue between the Mendelson and Schwat residences.  This project began on February 27, 2017, with completion planned for two or three days afterwards.


Contacting the Citizens Committee:

The Citizens Committee has a new email address that can be used to contact any of the Village officers: villageofdrummondmd@gmail.com.

Centennial History:

In September 2016 the Village celebrated the 100th anniversary of Montgomery County’s issuance of Drummond’s charter as a special taxing area.  In connection with that celebration, the Village commissioned a leading architectural history firm to prepare a publication entitled “Village of Drummond 1916-2016: 100 Years of History.”  The booklet is based on interviews with current and past residents and archival research and is richly illustrated with current and historic photographs.  It includes a photograph and brief history of every house currently found in the Village.  Copies were distributed to all Village residents, but an ample supply remains.  Any resident who wishes additional copies should contact the Secretary.


Tree Fund:

Relatives of our late friend and neighbor Dori Carroll have generously contributed $2,000 in Dori’s memory towards the care and replacement of Village trees.  The Village has established a Tree Fund that will be used for this purpose, and the Citizens Committee is considering alternatives for a permanent marker honoring Dori and any others in whose honor a contribution of at least $2,000 may be made in the future.


Recent Events:

The 2017 Spring Meeting was held on Monday, April 24, 2017, at the Somerset Town Hall.

The Drummond Election was be held on Monday, May 1, 2017, at the home of Michael Cicero and Laura Jehl, 4612 Drummond Avenue, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.  The members of the Citizens Committee who were elected were: Daniel Silver, Mayor; Michael Cirrito, Treasurer; and Trina Gandal, Secretary.