Welcome to the Village of Drummond

News & Events

2022 Election:

The Drummond Election was held this past May.  The members of the Citizens Committee who were elected were: Bryan Cahill, Mayor; Jonathan Wiesenfelder, Secretary; and Ye Zhang, Treasurer. 


Contacting the Citizens Committee:

The Citizens Committee has a new email address that can be used to contact any of the Village officers: vodcommittee@gmail.com.


Centennial History:

In September 2016 the Village celebrated the 100th anniversary of Montgomery County’s issuance of Drummond’s charter as a special taxing area.  In connection with that celebration, the Village commissioned a leading architectural history firm to prepare a publication entitled “Village of Drummond 1916-2016: 100 Years of History.”  The booklet is based on interviews with current and past residents and archival research and is richly illustrated with current and historic photographs.  It includes a photograph and brief history of every house currently found in the Village.  Copies were distributed to all Village residents, but an ample supply remains.  Any resident who wishes additional copies should contact the Secretary.